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Bumi Batang Energi


Bumi Batang Energi




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Bumi Batang Energi

Is one of the coal trading companies that is ready to fulfil the supply of domestic needs with the support of resources from mines located in Borneo. We have high integrity both in terms of experience and every mapping of the company’s business development plan. Our main concentration is in coal trading, from all lines, both from the aspect of market development, building networks with buyers/users as well as with the coal trading companies.

The Project

The purpose of this site is to create a company profile of PT. Bumi Batang Energi to introduce people to the services they have and to enable the site to make reservations on the website. In starting the project, I created a custom UI design and then developed it using WordPress and Woocommerce page builder.

Let’s work together to build something great.