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Jowey Kitchen

Jowey Kitchen is a family restaurant located in the Jowey Farm area. This restaurant has a minimalist industrial themed interior design which gives a modern impression in every corner. Immersed in the Jowey Farm area’s livestock and farming areas, you gain valuable experiences with your loved ones; eat healthy and organic food with local flavors, while enjoying the amazing view of Mount Salak and the cool air.

Jowey Kitchen’s culinary philosophy rests on a responsible understanding of quality, ingredients and taste, while championing the goal of supporting local agriculture. 90% of Jowey’s menu comes from organic ingredients which combines contemporary menus with traditional recipes and techniques, as well as the enthusiasm of local farmers.

The Project

The purpose of this site is for an online company profile of Jowey Kitchen, to inform people and their clients about the company and their products. In starting the project, I did a custom UI design and then I developed it using the WordPress page builder.

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